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Blue Ash - Peter Gregory Florist

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The Cincinnati Regional Chamber is pleased to announce the seven $5,000 grant recipients for year three of Storefronts to the Forefront, a unique partnership with Duke Energy and Huntington Bank to promote increased visibility of small businesses in our region.

Storefronts to the Forefront is offering seven $5,000 grants to existing storefront businesses in Camp Washington, Blue Ash, Harrison, Oxford, and West Chester in Ohio and Newport and Ft. Mitchell in Kentucky. Recipients will be able to use the funds for capital improvements, marketing support, expansion investments, or other growth-related efforts.

Here are the seven grant recipients and their business districts:

  • Ferrari Brothers Restaurant Group, Camp Washington, OH
  • Peter Gregory Florist, Blue Ash, OH
  • Market Street Grille, Harrison, OH
  • Kiki the Barber, Oxford, OH
  • The Cone, West Chester, OH
  • Better Blend, Ft. Mitchell, KY
  • Jet Age Records, Newport, KY


Blue Ash - Peter Gregory Florist


Founded in 1791, Blue Ash proves time and again that it is truly one of the brightest jewels in the Queen City’s suburban crown. From its many food-and-drink options to neighborhood stalwarts like a 100+-year-old family florist to an airport converted into a 130-acre park to the biggest suburban office market in Greater Cincinnati to the regional campus of the tri-state’s largest public university, it’s clear that Blue Ash has its community at the heart of its business model.

Blue Ash - Peter Gregory Florist


Situated between Dayton and Cincinnati, West Chester is more than just a halfway point for bigger cities: it’s an exciting destination all on its own. From an iconic cone-shaped ice cream shop to many multicultural restaurants to an impressive concentration of corporations to an abundance of family-friendly experiences, West Chester offers everything that makes a neighborhood worth living in. One thing’s for sure: when you’re in West Chester, you’re never far from what you want or need.


Rich history, the promise of the present, and the potential of the future: it’s not just something you find in a daydream – it’s something you can find (and more) in Newport. Looking for a family-owned, eclectic and friendly record shop? Check. Interested in a vibrant food and drink scene? Double check. Want to pop in for a fun weekend or plant roots for your family and future? Check again. Accessible, accommodating, and abundant with options for modern-day life, you can’t go wrong with Newport.


With its variety of shops, bars, restaurants and businesses, Oxford makes it clear that it’s more than just a college town. An hour north of Cincinnati, this community originally formed around Miami University, and has now graduated from a supporting role to being the main attraction for the many year-round residents who call Oxford home. Whether in need of an optician or a local farmer’s market, a co-op or a barber, Oxford makes it easy to stay close for what you need. 


Home to an eclectic mix of industrial and creative operations, Camp Washington has undergone a vibrant, grassroots transformation in recent years thanks to the investment of various residents and business owners. Annexed to Cincinnati in 1869, Camp Washington is a study in business diversity – from socially conscious community art centers to a metal foundry to a 24-hour chili joint to the 2022 best coffee shop in Ohio, it’s worth reacquainting yourself with a neighborhood that continues to expand and grow.


Nestled just northeast of Cincinnati, Harrison offers an appealing blend of small-town charm with big-city proximity. This neck of the woods is experiencing a population boom, and with good reason. Restaurants with history like Market Street Grill anchor the neighborhood, the vibrant downtown district has mass appeal for business owners, residential options are abundant, and the community is thriving. With attractive qualities like these, it’s easy to see why Harrison is growing by leaps and bounds. 


Located just across the Ohio River is Fort Mitchell, a city steeped in history and brimming with modern amenities. Here you’ll find a comfortable place to raise a family, a convenient location for work commutes, and a vibrant community with hidden gems. Whether you’re after a contemporary smoothie shop, a variety of dining options for every palate, or quirky local offerings like a ventriloquism museum, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to Fort Mitchell.

If your business is located in one of these business districts, but not listed on the neighborhood page, please let us know

Duke Energy, The Huntington National Bank, and the Cincinnati Regional Chamber will co-promote each of the seven winning grant recipients and the business district where they are located through publications, social media, email, and a partnership with Fox19. Additionally, the Cincinnati Chamber will lead a robust marketing program to support storytelling of these winning businesses in each of the seven districts.

Duke Energy logo

Duke Energy has a long history of supporting small businesses and their employees, and we’re delighted to partner with The Huntington National Bank and the Cincinnati Chamber to help connect our neighborhoods’ businesses to the region’s larger business ecosystem.

We know that by working together, as good neighbors do, we will find solutions to the issues that challenge small businesses.”

Amy Spiller

President, Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky

Huntington logo

At The Huntington National Bank, supporting small businesses is what we do. By partnering with Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Chamber on Storefronts to the Forefront, we want to both shine a light on this region’s long history of entrepreneurship and make it known that we are here to help – whether you’ve been in business for a century or are just getting started.

Steve Mullinger

Regional President of Southern Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana, The Huntington National Bank

Cincinnati Chamber logo

We are thrilled to partner with Duke Energy and The Huntington National Bank to power connections to five businesses and five neighborhood business districts.

Storefronts in business districts are the lifeblood of the local economy. These businesses create communities, enliven neighborhoods, and drive the regional economy.

Brendon Cull

President, Cincinnati Regional Chamber

Supporting Small Businesses and Growing the Local Economy

Community connections are forged by more than just neighborhood proximity. The connections that tie our neighborhoods together are found in the aisles of our favorite corner bookshop, at a table in a quaint restaurant, and in line at the local ice cream parlor. Oftentimes, these places exist in the heart of a community: a neighborhood business district. Communities and economies grow out of these places, and they must continue to thrive.

Duke Energy, The Huntington National Bank, and the Cincinnati Regional Chamber are proud to partner together for Storefronts to the Forefront™, a new initiative designed to further strengthen our region’s many unique neighborhood business districts

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S., providing electricity to 7.8 million customers in six states. 

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Founded in 1866, The Huntington National Bank and its affiliates provide consumers, small and middlemarket businesses, corporations, municipalities, and other organizations with a comprehensive suite of banking, payments, wealth management, and risk management products and services.

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

Through intentional thinking and regional inclusion, the Cincinnati Chamber is leading with a bold voice for business, expanding the region’s talent base and harnessing the power of Cincinnati’s unique offerings.

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